New York Artist Cey Adams and Pabst Blue Ribbon To Launch National Mural Day May 7, 2019

Adams Reimagines Pabst Blue Ribbon’s Iconic Logo on Over 150 Million Cans This Spring

Pabst Blue Ribbon announced a partnership today with pioneering NYC visual artist Cey Adams to launch National Mural Day, a celebration of the world’s oldest and most public visual art form, on May 7. The partnership will also see Cey reimagine Pabst Blue Ribbon’s signature 12oz can and all product packaging this Spring.

Pabst Blue Ribbon is committed to making art available to everyone and inspiring America’s doers, change-makers and creatives through art. Murals are the most accessible form of art, and National Mural Day will encourage artists, landlords, and civic institutions to collaborate on creating new murals in their community. As part of National Mural Day, Pabst Blue Ribbon will be creating murals in New York City, Philadelphia, Detroit, Nashville, Denver, Charleston, Portland, Washington DC, Los Angeles, Austin, Seattle, Atlanta, and other cities.

Pabst Blue Ribbon believes art affects positive change, supporting over 200 art events every year, holding its annual Art Can contest which has covered over 300 million cans of Pabst Blue Ribbon with original art from emerging artists since 2014, and commissioning over 175 new murals in America since 2016.

Available in late March, Cey’s limited edition re-design will cover over 150 million Pabst Blue Ribbon cans, as well as all product packaging, putting original art from Cey in the hands of millions. Cey’s minimalist concept is a contemporary tribute to the brand’s famed iconography and historic blue ribbon seal of quality.

“Cey Adams has been a cultural force in America’s art and music scene for over three decades, and Pabst Blue Ribbon is delighted to partner with him to reimagine our iconic blue ribbon through a limited edition design,” said Justin Medcraft, brand director at Pabst Blue Ribbon. “Cey’s work and ability to use art as a catalyst for positive conversation has inspired us and is something we want to amplify across America on National Mural Day.”

“Pabst Blue Ribbon is a brand I always planned to explore in my work and partnering to launch National Mural Day felt right,” said Cey Adams. “Murals and Street Art are an important element of my work. My hope is National Mural Day will become a platform for artists and their communities to celebrate art and its rich history.”

National Mural Day will offer resources for artists to connect with wall owners in their local area, and Pabst Blue Ribbon has engaged with mural programs around the country to commit resources to support National Mural Day regionally. Cey will also be spotlighting three inspiring, emerging muralists in a video series launched with Pabst Blue Ribbon in mid-April. Mural lovers across the country can get involved by taking photos of their favorite murals and uploading them using #NationalMuralDay.

Cey Adams is one of America's most unique visual artists. As Founding Creative Director for Def Jam, Cey Adams became known for creating visual identities, album covers and ad campaigns for Run DMC, Beastie Boys, Public Enemy, LL Cool J, Jay Z, and Mary J Blige. As a solo artist, he has shown at MoMA, Brooklyn Museum, Museum of NY City MCA LA and more. His recent work includes One Nation, a mural-sized collage and mixed media black American Flag to commemorate the opening of the Smithsonian’s National Museum of African American History and Culture, and authoring the book, The Mash Up: Hip-Hop Photos Remixed by Iconic Graffiti Artists.

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